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RAPID™ Indirect-Fired Air Turnover 7500 Series

The RAPID™ 7500-Series indirect-fired air turnover units are an excellent solution for buildings which require air circulation to have more even heat distribution but require little or no outside air. The welded-construction units are produced in an upright configuration for indoor applications.

The air turnover system pulls in cooler air from near the floor, pushes it up through axial fans and over a drum-and-tube heat exchanger, and then discharges the warmed air near the ceiling. This constant recirculation minimizes heat stratification, allowing minimal temperature differences throughout the building.

Indirect-fired air turnover equipment can be designed for air circulation, heating, cooling, or a combination. Heating can be obtained from a gas or oil source or a combination of the two. Cooling options include evaporative coolers, DX or chilled water. Units can also be configured to allow for a small percentage of outside air.

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